COVID – 19

All of our guests and staff must wear facemasks at all times, this is to eliminate any risks of spreading COVID-19.

No beverages will be offered at this time. If you bring your  own beverages, please be prepared to drink them outside in our waiting area. 

Upon entering the salon, all clients will be asked to sanitize their hands and their cellular devices using our sanitation station, located at the front desk. 

You can expect the staff to have sanitized their hands and there will be an interval time between guests  to enable thorough cleaning of equipment, stations, and all touch-points in the salon to occur.

During this time please come alone if you can, this is to limit the amount of people that are in the salon at the same time. 

Please arrive on time for your appointment, and not early as we have limits to how many people we can have in the salon. We may ask you to wait outside of the salon if there are too many people in the salon. 

There is a $5 price increase due to the amount of supplies needed, the new staggering of shifts, and social distancing measures. We are running at a considerably reduced capacity.  

These measures we have in place to protect you. 

Client and staff well-being continues to be our biggest priority and we hope you can understand and follow these guidelines.

Let us do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon!